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When Should You Take CBD?

When should I take CBD? How often should I take it? These are extremely common questions that newcomers to CBD, as well as those already familiar with CBD’s effects, tend to ask.

Let’s start by diving into CBD usage during the day. Which means, yes, CBD in the morning. Sounds a little counter-intuitive at first glance, seeing as CBD has many calming properties. But it’s true. While the broad perception of CBD usage involves its relaxing and calming anti-stress effects, some people actually feel a rush of energy from CBD due to the clarity and relaxed focus it provides them. To those people, CBD is right up there with their balanced breakfast and first cup of coffee.

Now, to jump to the other end of the day, many people like taking their CBD in the evening, after dinner, when they are the most primed for relaxation and are ready to wind down for bed. Then there are some that take CBD in the middle of the day to either relax after a stressful morning of work or to give themselves focus to make it through the final few hours of their job.

What we are getting at is that when it comes to what time of the day to take CBD, we can give you the rationale, but it’s ultimately going to be up to you what time works best.

Now on to the question of how often you should take CBD. Again, this one depends on your specific body type, your eating habits, and other factors related to your health. Generally, though, you should try lower doses of CBD products once or twice a day and work your way up until you feel the desired effect.

Research on CBD is just gearing up and over the next few years, there may yet be a specific set of guidelines that work best for different sets of people. But if you want to really know where to start and how much you should be taking & how often, head on over to J & A Vapes and talk with one of our CBD experts and they will be able to guide you through your CBD journey. Call and speak to one of them today at (718) 668-2737

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