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How To Stop The NY Vape Ban

NY Vape Ban

Last week, the New York State Senate voted today to pass a bill which would ban the sale of e-liquids to adults. This is a big deal in the world of vaping, as it could completely derail vape culture. The aforementioned bill will now go to the State Assembly for a vote and if passed it will go into law.

Inquisitir writes:

In essence, should this e-liquid ban come to fruition in New York (which has been not too shy about laws some consider “nanny stateish” in the past), it’s highly likely to have a domino-like effect on legal precedent in e-liquid sales. This particular law is risky for New York vapers, but everyone who has quit using e-cigarettes ought to take notice of this scary development.

Or, in other words, vapers are very likely to get screwed. And cigarette tax revenue will likely go up, by the by.

As you can see, this is bad news! But you can make a difference. Here’s how (via


(1) Call or E-Mail Your New York Assembly Rep. IMMEDIATELY

We need vapers to immediately call or e-mail their New York State Assembly representative and ask them to vote NO on Bill A09309. Please respectfully let them know that you are a user of vaporizing products, that you vote, and that you will be looking to see how they vote on this bill. Furthermore, let them know that this will ban tens of thousands of e-cigarette products and put 100+ small businesses in the State of New York out of business almost immediately.

Find out who represents you easily by going to this page on the New York State Assembly’s website.

Please note that phone calls will have the most impact. This vote could come at any time so please act ASAP!

(2) Call or E-mail Governor Cuomo and Ask Him to Oppose the E-Liquid Ban

Please call Governor Cuomo at (518) 474-8390 (press 2 to leave a message, press 3 to speak to a live operator) or message him using this web form to ask him to publicly OPPOSE enactment of A09309 or S06939 for the same reasons as listed above.

We’re taking steps to help stop this ban, and you should too! To better understand all of this, come on down to the shop and discuss with us!

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