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How CBD Benefits Athletes

One of the largest areas where CBD can be of great help to a person’s stress and physical health is with athletes.

Currently, there are various debates going on within the federal level regarding whether or not to legalize CBD for use in many athletic arenas, particularly within the NFL. Players like Jake Plummer & Rob Gronkowski have come out in the past few years to sing the praises of CBD oils in helping with pain management. When you are someone out there on such an elite level putting your body at risk and taking hits day in and day out from other football players, it means a lot to say that there is something out there that is both natural and can help reduce pain and swelling on the gridiron.

Players like Gronkowski have since partnered with companies to endorse their own CBD creams, with part of their mission being to dispel rumors that CBD oils also contain THC, the psychoactive chemical portion of cannabis. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as CBD and THC, while both found in cannabis, are completely different chemicals and THC is banned from CBD oils above small trace amounts in most states that only allow for legal CBD usage.

In recent years, more than 30 studies have come out explaining the benefits of CBD usage for athletes. This includes helping decrease stress, reduce pain in muscles & joints, reducing anxiety, and even suggestions that CBD currently could help with aiding in brain trauma.

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