What Are Atomizers/ Rebuildable Atomizers?

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What is an Atomizer?

The atomizer is the most important part of any electronic cigarette. The atomizer is the part that turns the liquid into vapor. It does this by heating a coil that is in contact with the filler material containing the e-liquid. Generally they  are contained in a metal housing which is screwed into the battery; and contains the heating coil, wick and mesh bridge. It is the component in an electronic cigarette or vaporizer that is responsible for heating the e liquid to the point of vaporization.

You should always be aware that atomizers could get quite hot when in use. Use caution when handling them immediately after use.

What are Rebuildable Atomizers ?

Regular atomizers are not made to be rebuilt. Therefore, rebuildable atomizers can be. With a RBA you only have the cost of wick and wire which I have to say is cheap. A rebuildable atomizer is designed for ease of use and ease of rebuilding. They tend to be bulky and occasionally include a tank to hold juice.


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