What Is A Mod / Mechanical Mod?

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What is a Mod?


“Mod” is short for modification,  the term originally referred to modifying a flashlight or a battery to be used in vaping, but is now commonly used to refer to any vaping device that is not a ciga-like.

Mods are devices or attachments that have been turned into personal vaporizers; generally they’re created using evices that were not intended to be a personal vaporizer in the first place. For example, mods can be created using  portable USB battery packs that has been fitted with a 510 threading.

Vapers who enjoy putting these devices together themselves are called “Modders,” we here at J&A Vapes, are most certainly modders.

What is a Mechanical Mod?

Mechanical mods encompass any mods that don’t have any electronics or wiring. Usually, they just consist of a metal tube with a mechanical switch that holds a battery and a connector for a topper of some sort.


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