What is a Throat Hit?

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What is a Throat Hit?

The “throat hit” is feeling an vaper smoker experiences when the vapor hits their throat and in your lungs. Most desire it to feel like a cigarette: with a full, yet smooth hit. This is commonly felt with PG juices.

Eversmoke’s website explains:

Some vapers require a stronger throat hit, and others don’t. If a throat hit isn’t strong enough, it will seem like you’re not inhaling anything. Conversely, if it’s too strong, it will be painful, even damaging to your throat.

If you’ve been a regular smoker, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the differences in throat hit between various brands of cigarettes. A Marlboro Red for example will have a much stronger throat hit than a Marlboro Light. Some desire that stronger sensation while others prefer a lighter hit.

Throat hit with electronic cigarettes is largely determined by the nicotine level, flavor and quality of nicotine liquid you’re using. Beyond this, it also depends on how you use your device.

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